Why White Shorts are Perfect Pieces for Your Summer Wardrobe

Discourse by, Oju Lale

Photographed by, Spencer Felix

If you follow my Instagram, you will notice that when I’m not styling formal menswear, shorts have been my preferred go to pieces this summer and if you read my last post, I highlighted why I’m drawn to shorts at these times of the year. Summer is also one of the times where loads of people go crazy with prints, patterns and florals I find it interesting seeing a burst of colours at these times every year. My approach to styling patterns, prints and florals is maintaining a balance between tops (shirt) and bottoms (shorts or trousers) so the outfit doesn’t come off too busy and white shorts in my opinion present the perfect canvas to build on.

I like to think of this like creating a painting. Everything looks great on a white background and most colours look more flattering on white in my opinion. Opting for white bottoms be it shorts, pants or jeans would still work great but because of the crazy temperatures we’ve had lately, shorts have always ranked at the top of my priority list.

For the first look, I paired the white short with a navy shirt with gold patterns. The dark background made for good contrast with the white shorts and the gold patterns also complemented the navy background on the shirt. I accessorized this with a brown belt, a silver bracelet wristwatch and white low-top sneakers to make for a clean finish.

For the second look, I paired the shorts with a black shirt with green florals. Again, contrast is one element I prioritize when combining pieces and the black background on the shirt delivered that effortlessly. This look was accessorized same as the first only that I opted for a black pair of trainers with white bottoms for this one. Whenever I’m wearing button-downs with shorts, I like to tuck them into my shorts just because of the smartness it brings to the entire ensemble and you can see that in the first two looks in this post.

For the third look, I paired the short with a grey t-shirt with dark green florals and accessorized in the same manner as I did for the second look. I think when incorporating bold pieces like prints, patterns and florals into an ensemble, it is important to balance off with simplistic plain colours as overly busy outfits can become off-putting to the eyes. Sometimes less is more and this is one of those times lol.

What was your favourite look and what are your thoughts on incorporating bold statement pieces into your outfits this summer? Leave a comment below.


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Navy and gold patterned shirt: Amazon, Black and green floral shirt: Asos, Grey T-shirt with dark green florals: Blue Inc Clothing, Wristwatch: Calvin Klein, Belt: Marks&Spencer