How Switching-Up A Few Basics Can Revamp Your Formal Outfit

Discourse by, Oju Lale

Photographed by, Favour Benjamin

When it comes to styling an ensemble as pertains to menswear, it’s easy for most (myself inclusive) to want to play it safe by sticking to a somewhat regimented approach, be it a casual or a classic/formal look. As much as maintaining the fundamentals of each style would make for a classic approach to whichever distinct look being targeted, switching some basics to create some balance between styles could make for a very refreshing aesthetic which should be an occasional treat every gentleman should satisfy.

For this ensemble, my goal was to switch some fundamentals pieces of a classic/formal attire (Suit and tie) with some casual basics to achieve an upscale smart-casual arrangement. If you’ve been following my style blog posts and Instagram, you would notice that I love to keep it clean and crisp with a white shirt when it comes to suiting. This is because a white shirt always satisfies the goal of a very classic attire effortlessly. I paired it with black skinny pants and a well-fitted navy double-breasted jacket to further elevate the classic elements. Like I emphasize in all my style posts, fit is a major player in determining the overall presentation, so I always prioritize fit for a smart look.


For footwear, I traded a formal shoe which could be a pair of brogues or oxfords for a pair of white low-top sneakers. I found my choice of white to be candid as it made for a sharp contrast with my black pants and navy jacket while still matching my white shirt. This gave the entire outfit a very casual/sporty twist. I gave up wearing a tie to downplay the formal attributes, but I accessorized with a gold lapel brooch, a monochrome pocket square, a coffee brown leather-strap dress watch and a tow tone silver/rose-gold bracelet to make it more dressed up.


As seen in the pictures, the final arrangement had a very refreshing feel to it by not being too formal or overly sporty/casual. This outfit would work excellently to satisfy those moments you don’t want to be formal but at the same time don’t want to blend in with the younger crowd by pulling off a sporty/casual outfit.

For every style/menswear enthusiast, its imperative to stay open minded and be adventurous occasionally, as periodic style-experiments would help keep things fresh.


Thanks for reading…


Blazer: Skopes, Shirt: Skopes, Sneakers: Adidas, Watch: Rotary, Bracelet: H. Samuel, Brooch: Sewanz