Styling A Carmel Overcoat for an Elevated Casual Look

Discourse by, Oju Lale

Photographed by, Gabriel Adeyemi

Transitioning into the colder months, it’s easy and almost natural for most to trade in stylish and well put together outfits for warmth. I bet that’s why the colder months (Fall/Winter) could be extremely annoying to most. On the flip side of things, the colder months force out the creativity in us if we must stay trendy even at very low temperatures. To stay fashionable in fall/winter months, the art of layering various pieces of clothing is key to maintaining elegance and staying warm at the same time…finding the right balance.


Overcoats are great for fall/winter because their thickness, length and lining provide a great deal of warmth which everyone prioritizes at these times of the year. This look as illustrated in the pictures was centred around a Carmel overcoat. When picking an overcoat, it’s very important to prioritize fit and comfort as this would influence the overall look of the outfit. A well fitted overcoat that sits well on your physique would be an excellent choice. Oversized or overly tightly fitted overcoats could make for a very clumsy overall look or make it uncomfortable to wear over extended timeframes. The Carmel overcoat is very versatile as it could be styled for a formal look and a casual look.


For this look, I wanted a casual take on it but certainly not purely casual, so I decided to somewhat elevate the look rather than give it a classic sporty vibe. To do this, I decided to pick black as the major colour scheme to layer the Carmel overcoat. This is because black creates a good contrast with Carmel and would greatly complement the overcoat. Black as a colour also helps to retain warmth which is the entire idea anyway. For a smart look, I paired a super-skinny black jean with a black jumper and a pair of black Chelsea boots layering a long-line t-shirt underneath the jumper. To further enhance the look, I accessorized the outfit with a black fedora hat, a black lapel pin, a semi-dress watch and a pair of sunshades to give a dressy touch to this casual look. This got the job done for me.


Colder months shouldn’t, rob us of being stylish just to keep warm. It should bring out the creativity in us whether it be for a casual, dressed up or an elevated casual look as illustrated in the pictures.


Thanks for reading.

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Overcoat: H&M, Jumper: H&M, Chelsea Boots: Ted Baker, Watch: Sekonda,

Fedora Hat: Asos, Sun Glasses: Amazon, Lapel Pin: Amazon