Shades of Grey

Discourse by, Oju Lale

Photographed by, Ronke Adegoke

 Most times when we think of incorporating shades of grey into a casual look, we tend to lean towards an understated yet classic take on it with most times a black pair of jeans, grey   t-shirt, a black leather jacket. Its easy to think of “High Street” style when wanting to style the classic grey and black combo in a casual setting. Lately, I’ve found it interesting to upgrade casual looks to some middle ground of not being too casual and not being overly formal at the same time. This makes for versatility especially for situations when you must be at two places in a day without having to change outfits. This would work excellently also for events in which you’re not particularly sure whether to be dressed up or dressed down, hence, finding a middle ground should be prioritized.

Styling this look, a black skinny jean formed the base. Jeans are an essential part of every casual look and as illustrated in the pictures, I cuffed the jeans at the ankle to further accentuate the casual elements of the look. Rather than go with a classic grey t-shirt or hoodie, I traded those options for a button-down black and grey shirt which had subtle shimmers. This choice of shirt I settled for refined the ensemble giving off vibes of haute couture/high fashion and adding a luxurious twist to the entire outfit. Over this shirt, I wore a dark-grey double-breasted overcoat which complemented and contrasted the black stripes on the shirt as well as the black jeans I wore. This added a somewhat classic touch to the outfit.

To finish off, my choice of footwear was a black and almost burgundy pair of brogues shoes which had a slightly glossy finish. This shoe as seen in the pictures is somewhere in-between formal and casual and yet with a luxurious vibe to it, so it worked well with the entire outfit.

Accessorizing this look, I wore a black leather strap dress watch, a dark-grey bag and a two-tone bracelet in rose-gold and silver. Overall, I was happy with the look as it gave me that middle-ground between formal and casual style still with an upscale feel to it.


One thing I’ve come to terms with when it comes to style is that its always good to be adventurous and try new things. In the end, everyone gets bored seeing the same ensemble repeatedly. Hope this inspires you to leave your comfort zone and try something new.


Thanks for reading.


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Shoes: Ted Baker, Double-breasted Overcoat: Marks & Spencer, Dress Watch: Rotary Watches, Two-Tone Rose-gold Bracelet: H. Samuel, Button-down Shirt: ASOSDuffel BagYanRun