Made In Nigeria: A Review of My Bespoke-Shoes Debut

Discourse by, Oju Lale

Photographed by, Ejira Lale and Ronke Adegoke

I like to see myself as somewhat adventurous and impulsive sometimes but when it comes to bespoke shoes, I’ve always been pretty much careful and sceptical. The reason for this is partly because I don’t like “the wait”. I love to see a pair of shoes I love and buy it immediately off the shelf if it fits my budget. Well, this changed late last year when I stumbled on this lad who makes handmade shoes in Nigeria. I’m not particular about making purchases via Instagram DMs but when I saw this pair illustrated in the pictures, I was 100% SOLD!!!

The price-point for this pair was slightly high in my opinion (my initial perception before I got them) and for someone who likes to make instant and right off the shelf purchases, I literally almost died from anticipation because I had to wait for 3 bloody weeks!!! The fact that I had to pay full price before delivery to a start-up brand I just found on Instagram of course came with a lot of worries because there was no way to be 100% sure I was not being scammed and I’m sure almost everyone who lives in Nigeria would find this very relatable. Delivery however was on schedule and oh at last, I could breathe and have my peace handed back to me LOL!

Receiving these pair of shoes, I was blown when I opened the package. I was amazed at the level of craftsmanship that went into making them. The aesthetics with the high-shine burgundy patent-leather and two-layer tassel will get you noticed wherever and whenever! What I found most astonishing was the fit. I was quite concerned that the fit might not be excellent especially since it was my first time trying bespoke shoes from a new brand and it was 100% done over the internet. But the fit was right, and the material used on the inside of the shoe made wearing very comfortable.

This certainly is not a shoe that can be worn in a formal setting with a suit and tie because it is way too funky for a classic setting. This is not your average casual loafer either. I’m still finding it hard to find a perfect description for this pair, but I find it so elegant, funky, very dressy and would turn heads every time. They’d be a perfect choice for those situations where you want to be really dressed up but in a non-classic/formal setting.

Styling this pair would be very interesting as there are diverse ways to incorporate them into an ensemble. For the pictures seen here, I wore a navy double-breasted overcoat, black skinny jeans, a floral black short-sleeve button down, a brown leather strap dress watch and a rose-gold bracelet. Nothing off the top really but I love how versatile the shoes are as they easily harmonize with every outfit. I certainly would do more blog posts centred around styling this pair because I’m happy with this purchase and was it worth the wait? YES! Was it worth the price? YES.


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Shoes: Kats Bespoke, Double-breasted Overcoat: ASOS, Shirt: ASOS, Watch: Rotary Watches, Bracelet: H. Samuel, Black Duffel Bag: Lethario