Incorporating The Right Accesories For A Simple Yet Elegant Look.


Discourse byOju Lale

Photographed by, Gabriel Adeyemi

Accessories are very crucial to the execution of every outfit and as such, should be one of the most treasured tools in every gentleman’s arsenal. They provide the finishing touches that can present even the most average outfit with impeccable polishing and elegance. Choice of accessories varies depending on the look and theme of interest, therefore, knowing which to use for a chosen ensemble is what sets apart the veterans from the rookies.


For this post, I decided to share my take for accessorizing a navy formal jacket, black tapered chinos trousers and a pair of brown monk-strap shoes. When selecting colours of various pieces of accessories or any sartorial piece for that matter, the right contrast always makes the top of my priority list. I also look to combine colours that best complement different components of the entire ensemble. For this outfit, a white shirt would always be a classic because of the sharp contrast it makes with the navy jacket and the black chinos trousers. A sky-blue shirt paired with grey tapered pants would also work perfectly with the navy jacket.


Accessorizing, I settled for a burgundy tie and lapel pin because not only did it complement the navy jacket, the tie also contrasted the white shirt. My choice of pocket square was a blend of bright khaki colour and navy pattern. On my wrist, I wore a brown leather strap dress watch and a pair of deep brown sunglasses both complementing the navy jacket and harmonizing with the entire ensemble. These combinations brought refinement and elegance to a simple and somewhat understated outfit.

Mastering the art of accessorizing would help maintain elegance even on a very tight budget as one can pull off the same outfit several times but still evoke a different vibe by just switching accessories. These are a must have as they always provide bang for buck.


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