Creating A Classic Vintage Look with the H&M Carmel Overcoat

Discourse by, Oju Lale

Photographed by, Gabriel Adeyemi

Growing up, I’ve always been big on some elements of the vintage, especially vintage music. My dad used to play the classics all the time in the car and at home, so I got used to listening to the likes of Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Michael Bolton and so on.  That was a lot different from what my peers listened to, but it grew on me and my interests further leaned into more classics like soul and jazz from the likes of Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. Aside music, I always get the kick whenever I saw classic/vintage fashion pieces in movies and how vintage fashion and classic music all harmonize. When I got this Carmel overcoat from H&M, I could already picture so many ways to style it and of course the vintage had to be a part.

Creating a vintage ensemble, I centered the entire look around this Carmel overcoat illustrated in the pictures. Overcoats especially the formal ones have been a timeless sartorial piece not only because of the elegance tied to it but because it also helps to keep warm especially in the temperate regions. This is reflected in a lot of vintage magazines and movies. Going for a classic style, I started off monochrome with a white button down long-sleeve and a tapered-black chinos. As much as I wanted to go classic, I still wanted to add a youthful twist to it and incorporating a chinos to the outfit accomplished just that. Whenever I’m pulling various separate pieces together for any look, I prioritize contrasting and complementary colours. I wore a grey waistcoat to complement the black chinos and a burgundy tie to give good contrast to the white shirt and to complement the Carmel overcoat.

Finishing off the look, I wore a pair of brown monk-strap shoes and accessorized with a black fedora hat, a brown dress watch and a black lapel pin. Picking the right accessories is very crucial in the overall outcome of whatever look being created and the fedora hat totally nailed it for this look. Including it in the mix completely jazzed up the look evoking vintage nuances all the way back to the 60s.

                This look can be pulled off for a dressed-up event, a red carpet or a fancy party. Importantly, pulling off this look with the overcoat might not be appropriate for summer or tropical environments as it would be too warm and eventually make wearing uncomfortable. Understanding the appropriate times of the year to pull pieces is key as comfort should be prioritized when styling outfits.


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Fedora Hat: ASOS, Overcoat: H&M, Watch: Sekonda, Shirt: Skopes, Waistcoat: Skopes