26: Memories & Moments in Time

Discourse by, Oju Lale

Photographed by, Tony Ekpo

Sitting here in front of my PC and reflecting on the past year in my life, most of what resonates in my head as I punch letters from my keyboard onto my screen are the memories and moments I’ve created and been a part of over the past year and how these have subtly contributed to my evolution. By the time you’d be reading this, I’d have turned 26 (according to the calendar) and its only natural (at least to me and all others who share this lifestyle) to reflect on how far I’ve come, mistakes made, lessons learned and future plans. This certainly, is one of those mornings for me. There’s so much I could write about but that would make for an awfully long post.

In course of my evolution, I’ve come to transform my views on memories and moments. Everyday of our lives, we create memories and over the past year, I’m grateful for the moments I’ve been fortunate to experience and all the memories I’ve made…moments in time, moments in style, moments that lasted, moments short-lived, moments with music, moments in love, moments by myself and some moments far too deep for words! These moments undoubtedly have exerted profound influence in shaping the version of myself I’ve come to know…In so many ways, I’ve become more adventurous than I used to be, more eager to try new things, less afraid to take chances and I’m learning to see the good in every situation and in everyone as well.


To be honest, putting words down right now I’m not even sure where this is headed anymore. Maybe I’m just punching in letters on my keyboard that best represent my somewhat disjointed thoughts in the hope that it’d make some sense to whoever’s reading but I’m just here to share a fragment of my thoughts with you guys on my 26th birthday. There’s so much I’m grateful for…all the amazing experiences I’ve had, friends I made and the ones I lost, growth I’ve experienced and moments that no price-tag would fit.

What I find so interesting about moments is that even when they become memories, they stay with us forever and the influence they have on us is totally a result of what we choose to make of them and how we choose to remember them. I hope we all experience moments in time that would fuel our adventurous spirit, moments that would take away our fears of taking mad chances, moments that would take our breath away, make us realize that the death of one precious moment is only but a process that sows the seed for the birth of another, experience moments that make us better than we were yesterday, moments that would strengthen our resolve never to give up even when we fall, and overall, moments that would revive in us the believe that we can do just about anything. Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Thanks for reading...