Few Reasons Why You Should Make Drinking Coffee A Lifestyle Choice


Discourse by, Oju Lale

Photographed by, Favour Benjamin

Jump-starting the day with a good cup of coffee is always a clever idea. Not only does it give me that caffeine kick, but it somehow helps me stay focused and clear headed all day or for the most part at least. Aside upping your productivity throughout the day, there are several claims of health benefits surrounding the consumption of coffee. Some of these include reduced risks of liver disease, stroke induced death, and reduced risks of heart attacks.. Personally, I’m yet to do sufficient research of my own as pertains to these health claims connected with coffee consumption but one thing is sure…incorporating coffee into your daily routine is worth considering.

A huge part of making coffee drinking a lifestyle choice begins with finding a great coffee spot you absolutely love and wouldn’t mind visiting daily. Being back in Port Harcourt, I was quite pleased to find Corner Store Cafe, a great and new coffee spot in the city. From my first visit, I was blown! The very urban and contemporary aesthetic would be instrumental in elevating your mood and give you that “feel-good” and classy vibe which is indicative of how much thought was put into providing an excellent customer experience.Drinking a hot cup of coffee could take a while and I think it was very thoughtful of them to provide an assortment of reads to keep their customers engaged and make for a very relaxed experience.

Service delivery was good staff were friendly. Although it took longer than I was happy with to get my cup of coffee ready, I kept busy with a nice read they provided while I waited. When I was served, it was one great cup of coffee and I absolutely loved every sip! If you’re in Port Harcourt and are on the look-out for a coffee spot to satisfy your coffee needs, Corner Store Cafe would knock your socks off effortlessly!


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