Wood House Café: My First Impression

Photographed by, Oju Lale

Discourse by, Oju Lale

Today, I’d like to start off apologizing to everyone of my readers for the very slow pace at which I’ve been putting out content here. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately and it has as a result, slowed me down in creating content. Nevertheless, it’s great to be back again.

For today’s post, I’m going to be giving you guys my first impressions on Wood House Café, a café that opened recently in Port Harcourt. I’d love to add that I was impressed with the fact that they established an online presence via Instagram for a while before their opening and I’d been one of the “monitoring spirits” following them up “Under-G” up until their opening LOL. This is one place I’d looked forward to visiting because of the great content they’ve been putting out so today, I finally visited and I’m excited to share my first impression with you.  


Visiting for the first time, I’d admit that I had so much expectations especially in the realms of their aesthetics. When it comes to eating out, aesthetics is something I prioritize. This is because the ambiance and atmosphere wherever one would be eating should make for a welcoming and a relaxed experience and if wherever I decide to dine doesn’t satisfy this, I usually don’t bother. However, from the pictures I’ve displayed here, did the aesthetics of Wood House Café disappoint me? Hell NO!! These guys knocked my socks off!! Really, this is one of the most creative spaces I’ve visited, and I bet you’re as impressed as I am just by looking at these pictures. It really lives up to its name with wood being a major player in its interior décor! I have no words really. This is a 10 out of 10 for me in this regard. I really respect cafes that make extra effort to create a very relaxing experience for their customers and Wood House Café is no different. They provide an assortment of board games, great articles to read and soft background music to keep you entertained throughout your stay. This space is indeed ideal for hangouts, meet-ups, brief/informal meetings and overall, a beautiful place to unwind during lunch breaks or after a long day at work...simply stunning!


 Looking at their table-menu, I wont say I was very pleased. It was a very simple typed text printed on an A-4 paper straight out of the printer  which was way too minimalist for my taste and wasn't in sync with the overall aesthetic . Personally, I think this could have been better but I was made to understand that they are yet to launch officially so I can make some excuse for them on the basis of that. Aside table menus, they also had a menu on the wall on a chalk board which was very creative as it blended in perfectly with the entire aesthetic. Would have been excellent if they had the prices of each menu item on there.

Aside the menu presentation, the content of the menu was quite impressive. The menu was very versatile as they had provisions for breakfast (English and African breakfast options), brunch and lunch. They also had an assortment of drink categories to choose from ranging from cocktails to mocktails, wines, and lots more. Was really impressed with the content of their menu and there’s so much on there I’d love to try. Overall, the menu was a 6 out of 10 for me.



Aside the aesthetics, the food was the highlight of my experience. Oh yes it was. On my next visit, I’m certainly asking to meet their chef to have a short chat and probably get a selfie LOL! I mean, every dish was a hit…Back to Back! My first order was a “Sex on the beach” cocktail. Presentation was a beautiful blend of deep orange from the bottom fading all the way up to a faint desaturated orange with a grape topping. Excellent presentation and oh it tastes even better than it looks. Speaking to their bar tender, he said the cocktail consisted of Barcadi white rum, orange juice, pineapple juice and grenadine. Absolutely stunning and if you visit and you’re having a dilemma on what cocktail to order, by all means have “sex on the beach” lol.

My food order consisted of a starter, a salad and a main course. Since I’ve been trying hard to maintain a healthy diet, I went hard on proteins all the way. For my starter I ordered meatballs. For main course, I ordered “Sport Chilli Fish” and “Grilled Chicken”. For salad, I ordered “Caesar Salad”. I avoided deserts because deserts are all shades of wrong for my current diet lol. As mentioned earlier, every dish was a hit from the sport chilli fish to the grilled chicken and the meat balls. Out of everything I had, nothing beats the sport chilli fish!!! First bite and I knew I was in heaven. Never believed fish could taste this good but having this fish from Wood House Café today, I knew I was on to something really special! The food is another 10 out of 10 for me. Everything I had was done to perfection.

Service Delivery

Finally, to round things up, let me give you my opinion on their service delivery. Service delivery in my opinion is a fundamental part of businesses like this and hence, attention to detail should be prioritized. This is one key area where I see Wood House Café taking heavy blows. Service delivery was really disappointing to say the least. First issue I had was the very disorganized manner in which my order was taken. The lady taking the order seemed confused the entire time and had to keep going back and forth. At the end of the day, she forgot to make the order for my salad and I ended up not having it. That really upset me. The second thing was that it took ridiculously so much time to get my orders served. That was a let-down for me. Finally, my order was served me in reverse order. I had my main dishes first and then had my starter last. How disappointing! Once again, since they are not officially open as I was told, I'm guessing they'd still be in the process of fixing things here and there and things would be by far smoother when they launch officially. But based on my personal experience at the time I visited, I’d give them a 3.5 out of 10 for service delivery.


Overall, Wood House Café is an amazing place to be with mind blowing food. Yes, they’re just starting out and its normal to have a few hiccups here and there, but these are nothing that cannot be worked on. Without these, they’re already almost at perfection which is very impressive for a new business. This is one place I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for a place to unwind with a very relaxed and refreshing vibe. They're located at No.3 Louis Drive, off abacha road, GRA, Port Harcourt. Definitely looking forward to visiting again to try more stuff from their menu and also try out one or two of the board games on offer.

Overall Rating: Three (3) Stars.


Thanks for reading…