Discourse by, Oju Lale

Photographed by, Oju Lale

I was in Coventry November last year for my MSc graduation and I had my parents over. Well, most times when it comes to picking venues and spots for whichever kind of outing, I always end up with that responsibility and this time wasn’t different. My parents were coming in that day, so I had to pick a spot for lunch. On a personal basis, I consider myself adventurous when it comes to restaurants especially as I’m always eager to try something new. Wagamama at Coventry’s city centre is a restaurant I’ve always passed by and it remained just some place I passed on the streets because for reasons I might never understand, I just never brought myself to walk in… but from the outside, it looked pretty. Anyways it made the top of my list that day, so I decided we have lunch there.


When deciding on a venue for an eat out that involves other people, it is important to research the place properly and when possible, eat there yourself so that if you end up in a hospital, you don’t take others with you lol!!! Well I’m kidding… my point is its good to be sure and confident about your choices before getting others involved… well in my situation, I did none of these lol. It was a risk I took, and I roped my parents in as well. Interestingly, it was quite an experience. To start off, the relaxed atmosphere and the ambience created by the lighting exerted a very welcoming effect… its that kind of restaurant that you want to sit and eat every bit of food you order right there and then rather than get takeout. Their staff were professional, friendly and always ready to help if you needed assistance and finally the food was great! They have a very robust menu to choose from and if you’re like me, I bet you’d have a challenging time deciding. The pricing on their menu was very fair in my opinion… worth every penny.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience, my folks loved it and that matters a lot to me. This is a restaurant I look forward to visiting often when I’m in town and if you’re in Coventry and in search of a nice restaurant to eat out, Wagamama would be an excellent choice… even for a dinner date with your special someone.


Thanks for reading…