4 Simple Cues To Perk-Up Your Skin/Body Grooming Regimen

Discourse by, Oju Lale

Photographed by, Oju Lale

Paying sufficient attention to the look and overall wellbeing of our skin and bodies is indicative of the value we place on self-care and our overall aesthetic. It is easy to think that spending time in the bathroom and taking great care of our skin and our bodies isn’t a man-thing, but proper body grooming is a habit every gentleman should prioritize and incorporate into his daily routine. To further emphasize this point, of what value would it be to be impeccably dressed head to toe but with a patchy/very dry skin and probably an unpleasant smell as well? That would completely ruin everything you already had going on… Don’t be that guy!


When it comes to menswear, it’s almost natural to think more in terms of showcasing personal style through pairing various pieces of clothing and overlook other elements which contribute less to visual aesthetics. Understanding that adopting a clear-cut system for self-care is key in shaping the overall impression we create of ourselves and could help change our perspective.

Here are some simple tips to help you improve your skin/body grooming:

·         Invest in a good body wash or shower gel and shower twice daily. This would make help prevent the accumulation of dirt in the pores in the skin.

·         Use a good body lotion/cream/oil to keep the skin hydrated after a shower and to give the skin a glow.

·         Keep the armpits dry with a deodorant. This could be in form of a deodorant stick, a spray or a roll on. Choice of which to use however would be based on personal preference. Using deodorants is important not only for keeping the armpits dry but also to keep them smelling fresh all-day long.

·         Investing in a fresh fragrance for use straight out of the shower. I find this very important as smelling great and very clean sends the message of someone that has profound respect and value for the wellbeing of their bodies. This is an attribute every gentleman should prioritize.

Product Recommendations

Body Wash: Aveeno Body Wash

Body Lotion/Cream: Fair & White Gold Revitalizing Body Lotion

Deodorant: Sure Men

After Shower Fragrance: Versace Man Eau Fraiche

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