Confidence, Elegance, Class, Sophistication: Amouage Interlude Man


Discourse by, Oju Lale

Photographed by, Ejira Lale and Oju Lale

Lately, my love for fragrances has driven me into a hobby of collecting fragrances. Blind buying can be a pain sometimes especially when you end up with a fragrance you don’t like. I found purchasing small sample decants of fragrances before buying full bottles to be a cost-effective approach, so I purchased a 5ml sample of this fragrance.


Testing the sample, I wanted to experience it off someone else just so I could get a good idea of the feel others would have when I wear it. I was having a day out in Birmingham that day, so I tested it on my brother with 2 sprays to each side of the neck and 2 to the chest. The opening was loud, dark, mysterious and spicy. Ask me to describe Amouage Interlude Man in one word and that word would be “BEAST!!!”. This is indeed a BEAST. The performance of this fragrance is completely BANANAS!!! Yes! The entire day I could get whiffs of this fragrance from a good distance from him. The most intriguing part was I sprayed this on him around 8am… we were back and by midnight, our entire sitting room was charged with the scent from this fragrance… totally FREAKING NUTS!! I can’t find the words to describe how impressed I was with the performance of this fragrance… bottom line, we both ordered 100ml bottles that night like we had lost our minds LOL!!!

This beast was formulated by Pierre Negrin in 2012. Interlude Man is a spicy-woody fragrance that has good dozes of sandalwood, frankincense and oud. The fragrance screams sophistication, elegance and is so loud that it announces you wherever you go without even trying. You need to be confident to handle attention to be able to comfortably pull off this scent.


The presentation of this fragrance is phenomenal. From the elegant and polished finish of the box to the sophistication of the blue crystal bottle with the golden magnetic cap, this fragrance screams expensive and class. Is this fragrance worth the price tag? I’d say 10 times over without blinking. Looking for a fragrance to help you stand out from the crowd and make a statement at an upscale event, Interlude Man would get the job done without breaking a sweat. this powerhouse is best suited for winter and cool evenings and as far as versatility goes, I'd say its pretty versatile as I've worn it in the winter and in the heat as well and it's performance was not really affected.


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Amouage Interlude Man