Creed Aventus: An all-time Crowd Pleaser


Discourse by, Oju Lale

Photographed by, Oju Lale

Creed Aventus certainly is one of the most hyped niche fragrances on the market. Interestingly, I had an experience with this fragrance before I even got in on the rave. A friend of mine from church always smelled ridiculously GOOD and I was under constant torture whenever he was anywhere around me. After so much hesitation I had to ask him what fragrance he was wearing, and it was Creed Aventus. I hurriedly looked it up on Amazon and was heart broken cos there was no way I was going to spend £230 on a 100ml bottle of scented water LOL! Anyways, I made up my mind to purchase a bottle the day I was walking to church one Sunday morning and could literally smell my friend without even seeing him…I looked back and saw him in the distance… That was it!

After purchasing online, it arrived in a very simple, understated and yet classic packaging and the bottle was all shades of gorgeous masculinity. Before taking my first spray, I had a moment of silence because I knew was about to get my mind blown…that feeling you get when you make a pricy purchase LOL!!! One spray and my whole room was on some other planet. No exaggerations and this is not a sponsored post...this fragrance is just that good.

This masterpiece of niche perfumery was formulated by Olivier Creed in 2010 and to this day, it remains the most successful fragrance from the house of Creed. The top notes for this fragrance are pineapple, bergamot, apples and blackcurrant. The mid notes are dry birch, Moroccan jasmine, and patchouli and the base notes are oak moss, musk, ambergris and vanilla. In my opinion, this is the one of the most unique fragrances ever formulated because before sniffing Aventus, I had never come across any similar scent. The opening all the way to the dry-down of this fragrance is hands-down gorgeous.

Pulling off this fragrance, I certainly would wear this dressed up with a suit and tie to an upscale event. This fragrance smells expensive and would get you noticed and complemented. It is a pretty versatile fragrance that would perform excellently in almost all seasons but it is best suited for the summer or warmer climates.

Do I think this fragrance is worth the hype at this price-point? YES!!! It is and always would be. is it signature scent worthy? YES but only if you've got pockets deep enough to re-stock when you run out LOL. 


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Creed Aventus